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Christmas in Singapore

Malá poznámečka: Tento text píši pro více lidí, a tak možná některé části budou někomu připadat nezajímavé ne-li divné. Ale možná někoho jiného zajímají. Díky všem co si najdou trochu času a budou se nudit následujícími řádky. Ale ti co rádi připomínají takové to "tam máš chybu, tady ti něco schází...!" Ty se můžou jít s tím třeba utop... koupat do řeky. Nejsem tady pro pravopis český nebo anglický, ani nejsem češtinář, tak pokud se někomu nelíbí moje gramatika, ať si jde třeba hláskovat slabikář. :-) Přiznávám, že jsem blbej nejen na jazyky ale já si je nevymyslel. (A pokud by to snad někdo nevydržel a chtěl to opravit, s radostí mu poskytnu následující text.)

First day in Singapore
Hello People. How is it going in EU? This is first report from my hot Christmas. Yesterday I was slipping and freezing on streets in Prague and few hours later I am feeling like in equator. And it's the real equator. It costs only few hours boring in airplane with Lufthansa (exactly 13 hours) and I was landing in Singapore. By the way, sometimes fly with Lufthansa is like trip to history of aviation. But let's go back to my destination of this Christmas. It is second Christmas out of home, first was last year in Japan.

Center with the Merlion.

I was thinking about to need visa to Singapore all of my flight because at check-in in Ruzine crew said I will need. But fortunately no. :) So first what I felt after leaving the aircraft was hot like in middle of summer. Yes here is 30 degree and fortunately cloudly. I am accommodate at luxurious apartment of Aika's father. It is complex of few towers with two swimming pools and garden. Of course full of palms. And because today is 24.12. so it should be Christmas Eve now. And that's why we went to center of city to see streets in that time. We were amazing how many people can be on the streets that time. The island has around 5 milion citizens and everyone was probably at center. The streets were so crowded that was imposible to go through. Many people sold Santa's cap and snow in spray. Yes snow in spray 4 for 10 dolars so around 170 Kc. They probably never saw real snow because this one wasn't cold.

Frog Legs
Today is 25 so first Christmas holiday and people at streets don't decrease. We visited business center of Singapore. It is full of high building. None one them is enough small to put it to one photo. During midday starts so big raining that it looks like begin of flood but in one hour was everything dried again. It is usually here, that all of the sudden starts raining. We took river course around all high buildings and center of city and after was good time for lunch. I n contrast of these tall buildings were next river a few very small and old houses, all of chinese restaurants. And how it is going in chinese restaurant everyone choose some meals and after you can taste what you want. It is really good idea, becase by this way is ability to try many types of meals. By the way I choosed frog legs with ginger. Ginger only in case I could survived. It has really great taste. It looks like small chicken legs and taste is similar too. Poor little frogs, now I feel with them.

Night Safari
Today morning we were swimming in East Point swimming pool. By the way East Point it the set of towers with many flats and in the middle is garden with two swimming pools and a big fountain. Water was bit cold but for me I each water cold. Afternoon we went to Singapore Zoo to night safari. But during way to safari we stops to taste one very interesting fruit. They call it Durian and it looks like green hengehog. And most interest is it terrible smells. Even it is prohibited to bring to hotel. So they sell it on streets and most of people eat it immediately. But taste is not bad. It tastes like cream from milk. Night safari starts after dark and people can walk thought garden with many animals. Sometimes I didn't know what is the barrier between me and animal. So last chance was to believe that all of them are after supper. And mainly all of them are active during night it is able to see how they live.

Trip by SMRT
On the start of this text I should explain for people that don't understand Czech language what word SMRT means. Easy SMRT means death or banshee. But nobody from Singapore's people probably understand Czech because SMRT is name for city transport company. I didn't note it but Aika even when she is no native speaker of Czech language said me look is coming SMRT. Yes all busses and metro or some of taxi have written SMRT by big letters on each side.

Advertisement for SMRT.

And at last the best joke was label on each station that said "SMRT wishes you Merry Christmas." So who wants go to hell by SMRT, can go to Singapore. Ticket cost from one dolar. And on the end what means SMRT? It is Singapore Mass Rapid Transport :o)

Singapore nationality
To understand life in Singapore is good now something about people here. Singapore lies among Malaysia, Indonesia and another many countries and islands. It has to be very famous in past because it is very cosmopolitan city. Some parts are mixture and some are clearly national. It is posible to see here people from India, from Malaysia and many from China. They brought their culture here so it is easy to go to India town or China town. Tour through Singapore is like a tour through half of world, from near east to far east. Official language is English but all important labels are in four languages. First is of course English next Chinese continued by Malaysian language and ends by something probably from India. So everyone knows at least two languages. Thanks Goodness English is always between them. Only Europeans are here in minority. Despite it was England colony, only names of some streets and buildings remind here.

What is here allowed?
Singapore is a bit famous by really strict rules for everything. And it is really true. I was warned of restrictions that is valid for newcomers to Singapore. Between them is forbidden to bring chewing gums. And immigration card warns that drugs are penalize by death. (Maybe in SMRT :) In that moment I didn’t know if I don’t forget some canabis in my pocket :). I am joking. But rules are strict. It is possible very often to see labels with some restriction. And it is continued by some enormous amount of money that has to be paid with no respect. It looks like 20 years ago in Czech. But do not think that everywhere is clean. No, they do mess by others things.

Fruits and Meals
Because Singapore is very near to equator and its citizens are from different parts of the world so fruits and meals are various. There are enormous amount of strange fruits in shops. I already wrote about smelly Durian but it is no all. Another interesting fruit is Mangosteen. It looks like burn apple but inside is white sweet pieces similar to orange.

Horrible smelly fruit Durian.

Some of them have big core. Further here is Dragon fruit. It looks like kohlrabi but it is soft red and inside is white pulp wit many small black seeds. It is no sweet. And many another like several types of Mango or Melon. Everything is done in form of juice too.
It is similar with meal. Chinese restaurants are the cheapest. One meal cost around 3 dolars and drink 1,5 dolars. They are fast and most of people use their service. They have only a few types of meal. But in one market is ten and more restaurants. Each has different meals or drink. They're build in form of kiosk with many chairs and tables around them. There are more different restaurants with meals from many countries.

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