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About me

Don't fear, but everything you find here is almost true. I know, it seems bit crazy but i can make a vow that it is true. If you meet me, you will understand. :-)

Have a nice day... Peters

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  -  (OXO)  -  

Short meeting

Name:Petr HONZÍK
Address:at home...
Birthday:it's long time ago, I can't remember...
Weight:before lunch or after lunch?
Tallness:bigger than dwarf
Disposition:crazy boy
Sex:just moment, I am looking at...
Orientation:cca 30 degrees to right
Favoured position: head to down
Hobby:I am too much lazy ;-)

Curriculum vitae

My name is Petr HONZÍK [Petr Honzi:k]. I was born in Pribram. (Pribram lies in the centre of Czech Republic. It is in central Europe :-)) I lived 19 years there. Than I moved to Olomouc in year 1997 but I spend a lot of times with my parents in Pribram. I studied at High engineering school in Pribram and finished with excelent degree. After I continued at University of West Bohemia in Plzen. Now I'm studing Phd degree at Czech Technical University in Prague and working at UTIA the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. In 2002 I was studing in Portugal at Universidade de Lisboa for 6 month from the ERASMUS program. My domain is Digital engineering in information systems. My hobbies are computer and bicycle. I'm interesting about hardware and japanese cultural and people (easy, I love everything from Japan).

Study line

  • Creche, Pribram VIII
  • (Best)
  • Kindergarden, Brezove hory
  • (Better)
  • 3.elementary school, Brezove hory
  • (Good)
  • High engineering school, Pribram
  • (Passed)
  • University of West Bohemia, Plzen
  • (Common)
  • Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
  • (Great)
  • Certification of Japanese Economic Study
  • (Interesting)
  • Czech Technical University in Prague
  • (...)


    Title Year Status Publisher
    EAC - El.kódový zámek 2001 Be Published A-Radio
    Inteligentní oděvy 2003 Accepted A-Radio
    Hirošima 2003 Still No Accepted
    Protector 2 - elektronická kniha jízd 2003 Be Published A-Radio


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